Philly Still Leads Country in Smartphone Thefts

NBC 10 reports on a study from mobile security firm Lockout, which re-affirms that Philadelphia is just a lousy place to hang onto your smartphone. A great place to lose that phone? On SEPTA, apparently. 6ABC reports:

SEPTA smartphone robberies also factored into Philadelphia’s top position atop this list.

“Thirty-nine cell phones, on average, were lost or stolen each month last year throughout SEPTA’s mass transit system according to the transit police,” AAA said.

In March, after several thefts, SEPTA made a push to help keep riders from being easy targets. They handed out informational flyers.

Of course, this is nothing new. Back in November, Lockout released another report with pretty much the same information. So. Philly still is a dangerous place for smartphones. Nothing’s changed.