It’s Philly Naked Bike Ride Time Again. Feel Free to Shudder.

Yup. It’s time for the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride, or, as we like to call it: “1,000 Bike Seats In Desperate Need of Lysol and Wet Naps.” It’s Sunday, and, well, there’s going to be a whooooole lotta flesh on display. Trust us: That much nudity actually takes the fun out of it. And in some cases, will kill your libido dead.

Anyway, the PNBR site has a helpful FAQ:

Q: When is the next ride?

A: August 25th 2013 .

Q: Do I have to ride NAKED?

A: NO. PNBR is a BARE AS YOU DARE event.

Q: What is Philly Naked Bike ride all about?

A: PNBR is about: Riding together to promote fuel conscious consumption, positive body image, and cycling advocacy. Ride with us and bring your own message, too!

How about: “Put your clothes back on, hippies!” Is that a good message?