Today in Weirdness: Drexel Urges You Not to Wash Your Chicken

Yesterday, Drexel University rolled out a public service campaign to eradicate chicken-washing, using “video mini-dramas” and “photonovellas” to make the case. Here are the four vignettes, done up in high ABC Family style.

1. Clueless husband and eye-rolling, street-smart wife.

2. Token Latina family (Mmm..Chicken “Mole-lay”)

3. Wise mother hen and well-meaning but naive daughter.

4. Tech-savvy, iPad wielding Millenial and hopeless grandma.

(For what it’s worth, these scenes were all acted by professional actors from New Mexico; Drexel food safety researcher Jennifer Quinlan worked with New Mexico State University to produce the campaign.)

Set it and Forget It” goofiness aside, thank you Drexel. I made the mistake of washing a chicken two months ago and am now desperate for Germ-Vision. The scene in my kitchen probably looked much like this one, except I didn’t put American cheese on my roast chicken.