Lincoln Was Shot With a Gun Made in NoLibs

Today’s random history lesson, brought to you by Jason Nark of the Daily News: Abe Lincoln was shot by a pistol manufactured in Northern Liberties. Indeed, if you look closely, the words “Deringer Philadel” are inscribed on it, after the name of the Easton, PA native who made the guns. Here’s a replica of the piece.

The term Deringer probably sounds familiar. Henry Deringer, who’s buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, fought hard against bootleggers for much of his career. But while he staked a claim to the name “Deringer,” copycats merely called their versions “Derringers.” Since his death in 1868, the bastardized “Derringer” has become a commonplace term for a small pistol. How fitting that the forefather of the small handgun came from Philly, now one of the world capitals of small, deadly handgun use. Feel the pride! [Daily News]