The List: The 5 Most Entertaining Philadelphia Public Officials

Last night DJ BRB (that’s Blondell Reynolds Brown, as in Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown) was tearing it up at a rooftop happy hour, ahem, “professional after work event.” No, we are not joking. Inspired by her newly revealed talent, we’ve compiled a list of other Philadelphia officials’ entertaining sides.

DJ Blondell Reynolds Brown

1.  Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown

The Councilwoman made her DJ debut last night at a benefit called FLOW, which supported Philadancco. Though no videos have surfaced of the event, she gave a pre-performance teaser on her Facebook page: “Are you ready to do The Bop??” Good stuff.

2. Former State Sen., Mayoral Candidate, Convict Milton Street

After catching sudden inspiration at a rally, this then-mayoral candidate belted one out. To add some shock value, he did it while leaning over a coffin. An interesting creative choice.

3. Mayor Michael Nutter

While boogying down at his 2012 inaugural party, Mayor Nutter took the stage to perform “Rapper’s Delight” with Philly favorite, The Roots. Not bad at all, Mr. Mayor. You’ve got serious flow. (Though maybe you need to expand your repertoire.)

4. Arlen Specter

When the late Arlen Specter performed at an open-mic night in 2011, this former U.S. Senator had the audience in tears. His jokes were dirty, political, mildly inappropriate, and hilarious.

5. Rick Mariano

In this performance, the former Councilman walked out onto the stage in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. No, not for a strip tease. He was actually breaking parole to do some stand-up comdey at Stu Bykofsky’s comedy night.