Phillies Co-Owner Among State’s Top GOP Donors

Philadelphia Business Journal has released its list of Pennsylvania’s top donors to the Republican Party, and wouldn’t you know it, Phillies co-owner John Middleton ranks No. 14, With $130,757 given to the party in 2012. Which means, probably, that every time you buy a Chase Utley jersey at the park, you’re contributing to Tom Corbett’s re-election. Clearly, it’s time for Democrats in this state to start rooting for the Mets.

We kid. Really.

Anyway, the bulk of the list isn’t really a surprise. Pittsburgh’s Richard Scaife—best remembered as the man who paid for most of the Clinton scandals in the 1990s—comes in third, with $607,000 donated. Philly’s John Templeton Jr. leads the list, with $766,400 given in 2012.