CNN Reported Poconos Shooting In Wrong Town

Oh dear. CNN apparently failed to realize the difference between Ross, Pennsylvania and Ross Township Pennsylvania. The latter is where Monday’s dreadful Poconos shooting took place. The former, well, was peaceful until CNN started its reporting.

The shooting occurred during a meeting in Ross Township in Monroe County, located about 85 miles north of Philadelphia.

However, a 911 dispatcher in Allegheny County and officials in Ross say they received a number of calls by people confused about the location of the shooting, prompting local police to say the incident did not occur here.

“A shooting involving … fatalities is reported to have occurred at the Ross Township Municipal Building on the eastern side of Pennsylvania in Monroe County. CNN has been reporting that it occurred here, which has prompted numerous concerned phone calls,” Ross police detective Brian Kohlhepp said in a statement. “This incident did not occur here in the suburban Pittsburgh Ross Township.”

CNN likes to think of itself as news-driven, instead of ideologically driven like MSNBC or Fox News. It might want to start by … getting the news right.