Brady, Nutter at Odds Over Hosting 2016 Democratic Convention

Chris Brennan at the Daily News reports that Rep. Bob Brady and Mayor Nutter are butting heads over Brady’s desire for Philly to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Brady is pitching Philly’s virtues at a meeting today; neither Nutter nor any of his staff members will be there.

Through a spokesman, Nutter yesterday reiterated all the reasons he cited while responding cautiously when Brady floated the idea in September. Nutter is concerned about the cost of security, part of the millions of dollars the region would need to raise to run a convention.

A planning group from the private and public sectors also would have to be assembled.

“This meeting is a very preliminary step toward getting information and putting us in a position to evaluate and help make the decision about whether to pursue a convention,” Nutter said.

Philadelphia hosted the Republican convention in 2000. The last time Democrats here? 1948.