Collegeville’s Bloodhound Gang Deported From Russia

While everyone seems to be worried about how Edward Snowden will hurt US ties with Russia, perhaps we should be worried about a small unit of troublemakers out of Collegeville: the Bloodhound Gang. Known best for wearing monkey suits and singing about shamelessly banging like the creatures found on the Discovery Channel, Jimmy Pop and company have stepped into the international spotlight after being deported from Russia over the weekend.

Apparently, a video of bassist Jared Hasselhoff sticking the Russian flag down his pants at a Ukranian show went viral and upset Russian officials. Culture minister Vladimir Medinksy addressed the situation on Twitter, saying “Bloodhound Gang packing suitcases. These idiots won’t perform in Kubana.”

Indeed they may not, with senator Ruslan Gattarov having already officially filed a request to ban the group from Russia following their departure on the grounds that the group’s actions amounts to “desecration of the national emblem.” Hasselhoff has since apologized for the incident. Watch below:

[AV Club]