Philly Catholics Hope For a Papal Visit

CBS Philly reports that Philly Catholics hope Pope Francis will come to town for the World Family Conference in 2015.

Ken Gavin, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Archdiocese says, officials here are hopeful after watching what just happened in Brazil and are discussing Pope Francis in their preliminary planning.

“We’ve not received official confirmation one way or the other at this point,” Gavin said. “But the event is still over two years off at this point in time so we remain very hopeful as we always have that the Holy Father will come.”

One thing is for sure: Such a visit is going to be a huge security undertaking for the City of Philadelphia.  “We’re already meeting with the Archdiocese, we’re already talking about what our force component would be,” said Everett Gillison, the mayor’s chief of  staff. “We’re already talking about what our Homeland Security matters would be. But its right now in the very preliminary stages.”