ESPN Is Going To Give You Even More Eagles Coverage

Philadelphia seems to have an insatiable demand for coverage of the Eagles. That theory will now be tested by ESPN—here and in every NFL market—according to Poynter:

ESPN will hire bloggers to cover every NFL team, Rob King confirmed by phone Monday afternoon. “If you’re going to place a bet anywhere, place it on the NFL,” said King, ESPN’s senior vice president for content, digital & print media.

Most of the operations will be one-person, but they will be bolstered by editors and producers who will work to move these bloggers’ work across platforms. ESPN has an “editing system that encourages sharing,” he said.

The idea is basically to give fans more content about the teams they obsess over, King said. Editor-in-Chief Patrick Stiegman looked at the site’s data for how much time users spent on the top 100 teams it covered. Of the 32 teams at the top of that list, 31 were NFL teams.

Honestly, we’ve been waiting for a full-time ESPN presence here ever since the network started individual sites for Chicago, Boston, New York, L.A., and Dallas. Seems like we’d be next on this list, right? And that could still happen, perhaps, but one thing will be true: There will be very little Eagles news that goes unreported and undigested in this town. That sound you heard? Cries of despair at the sports desks in the city’s media outlets.