McNabb on Philly Fans: “The Wins Didn’t Become Enough”

The Daily News’ Paul Domowitch is previewing his big interview (paywall) with Donovan McNabb, who will be treated to a retirement ceremony at halftime of the Eagles’ Sept. 19 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. In the preview, at least, many of the questions boil down to: “Why do you think fans hate you? No, really! How come you’re so unpopular?”

McNabb tries to grapple with it.

“I thought they were true fans who loved the Eagles and loved the game of football. Opinionated, for sure. But they loved their teams. They just want to see winners. And over the years, we gave them that. But after a while, the wins didn’t become enough. It became all about winning the Super Bowl, which was understandable. That was the same attitude we went in with as players after we won the NFC Championship (in ’04). We felt we needed to win a Super Bowl. And that didn’t happen.’’

Then he threw up.

Ha! No, that didn’t happen, as the interview with Domowitch was not a clutch situation into which hundreds of thousands of fans had invested entire emotion lifetimes. It’s just an interview! In any case, yes, McNabb sounds like he expects to be booed at the retirement ceremony.