Do Philly Drivers Honk Their Horns Too Much?

“Zenvolt,” a relatively new resident in Philadelphia, thinks so. Zenvolt posts to Reddit:

Having moved to this city a few months ago, I can’t help but notice how much people like to honk their horns while driving. It may be worse other a few other places in the country, but I’ve never lived in a city where people are so heavy on the horn. Maybe they don’t know…but in a lot of places that [bleep] is considered really [bleeping] rude and aggressive (and will probably end in bloodshed). So it would be really, really great if they would STOP DOING THIS. People here seem to think that it’s perfectly fine to commit auditory assault on fellow drivers, bystanders, and nearby residents for any piddling reason.

Slow traffic because of a situation that can’t be helped? Lay on your horn. Someone hesitate 0.5 seconds at a green light or stop sign? Lay on your horn. Someone correctly assume that they get to go first at a stop sign because they stopped first. Lay on your horn. Someone pull into the lane in front of you after having their turn signal on for 8 minutes because you sped up to block them instead of letting them in? Lay on your horn. Someone doesn’t want to drive 60 in a 30 mph zone? Lay on your horn. Have a tummy ache? Lay on your horn.

You car’s horn is meant to be used as a warning. It’s not to express your anger, your impatience, or your pissy entitlement. All you’re doing is making other people miserable and angry. As miserable and angry as you are after years (or lifetime) of driving around on these miserable, crowded, rat warren-like streets.

Ok. I’m done.

The “bleeps” edited in by PhillyMag. Anyway, there are some hilarious responses in the Reddit thread, but it’s worth asking: Do drivers here “lay on the horn” too much?