Fake Philly Cops Attempt to Steal Real Jewels

6ABC reports on an attempted robbery on Monday at Platinum Jewelers, 12th and Market, by two thugs dressed up as cops—each wore a bulletproof vest with the word “POLICE” emblazoned upon the front.

20 minutes before the masked men entered the business, two customers, both seen in surveillance pictures wearing wigs, were shopping, at times on the phone.

Employees now believe they were speaking with the police impersonators, who were waiting for the signal to come in.

Once the robbers were inside, a female employee pressed the alarm. The man in the black vest moved behind the counter with his gun out.

But realizing they probably didn’t have much time, the fake cops took off without getting a dime or one piece of jewelry.

Which is how we know they weren’t real cops. Real Philly cops would’ve succeeded, been caught anyway, fired, then rehired over  a sputtering Charles Ramsey’s objections. Such is the circle of criminal life in this city.