Bradley Cooper Is Just a Regular Sexiest Man Alive, Like You or Me

Been awhile since we caught up with Philly homeboy Bradley Cooper, who says the blooming of his career into A-List superstardom hasn’t really changed him—even though it certainly has made life easier:

“There is a certain amount of disorientation. You can’t relate to having more money than you ever imagined or even know how to spend or invest. It’s absolute luxury, I know that,” Bradleyexpressed. “I don’t think I’ve let it affect the way I live or change how I think. I still live pretty much like a nomad in going from one film shoot to another. I don’t collect sports cars or have ambitions to own my own private jet. Making a lot of money has enabled me to help some of my closest friends pay off debts, mortgages, things like that.”

Hey, he could be buying diamond-encrusted monkey’s paws and it wouldn’t bother us, because you’re not like us, Bradley. You’re way more dreamy than we could ever hope to be.