Deadspin Gives Yuengling Its Due, Ranks It Poorly

Deadspin has published a completely subjective and non-scientific ranking of the “36th Best Cheap Beers” in the country. Yuengling, sandwiched between Busch Light and Bud Light, comes in 25th. Here’s the accompanying blurb:

Why are people so into Yuengling? It’s quite popular among the Pennsylvania ex-pat community, which is odd given that the beer sucks and Pennsylvanians don’t strike me as an excessively prideful or self-important lot.

I agree completely. Yuengling is a staggeringly overrated beer. Problem one: It tastes like dishrag juice. Problem two: Their “Porter” tastes identical to the Lager. Problem three: It’s really heavy for a crappy beer, meaning it’s harder to hold your nose and guzzle a six pack for purely utilitarian reasons. So why do we insist on drinking it? (And by “we” I mean “you.”) I suspect that because it comes in bottle form and has a rich history, it feels like a craft beer. Only California produces more craft beer than Pennsylvania–you’d think we’d have better taste.

Image: Deadspin