New York Judge Tosses Three Lawsuits Against Former Elmo Puppeteer

Three lawsuits from men alleging sexual abuse by former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash have been thrown out by a New York judge. Claiming statute of limitations issues, Judge John G. Koeltl tossed the suits today, with attorney Adam D. Horowitz nothing that the suits removal “should not be viewed as a vindication for Kevin Clash or a determination that he is innocent.” The claims, as evaluated by Judge Koeltl, were made more than six years after the men became aware of Clash’s alleged crimes, and further, were made more than three years after the men turned 18. In fact, the suits were filed between eight and 16 years after the alleged sexual abuse that the plaintiffs say left them psychologically damaged. This, however, does not mark an end to Clash’s notorious saga—there’s still one lawsuit pending, where else, in Pennsylvania. [AP]