List: Philly Is Fifth-Best City for “Fresh College Graduates”

No, there aren’t that many good jobs in Philly. But hey: We’re cheap! That’s why the city ranks fifth in Nerd Wallet’s new list of “Best Cities for Fresh College Graduates”:

With the fifth most 18 to 24 year olds of any city and a high walkability score, Philadelphia is an excellent choice for recent college graduates.  The cost of living is moderate and the unemployment rate is average as well, so while the city is not overflowing with jobs, there are still opportunities for young graduates, particularly in Philadelphia’s booming healthcare industry.

Faint praise, no?

Anyway, Nerd Wallet made its list based on the number of young residents, the number of bars per 1,000 residents, the city’s walkability, affordability, and the ability to get a job. Pretty sure  it was the “bars per capita” part of the ranking that put us over the top.