This One Guy Really Hates the Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation has a pretty stellar rating on Out of 471 reviews, only 19 were negative. And of those 19, a particularly incendiary comment was posted yesterday by one “Kent R.” of Lunenberg, MA: “Barnes museum fails to WOW.”

Kent came in with “high expectaion” [sic] for his visit, as he’s a “museum professional.” Unfortunately, “intrusive guardes, massive crowds and weird interior speces made for a very short visit.”

Here are a few more specific gripes:

When asked to read the words of a cartoon that was placed by a door the guard just looked at me as if I were crazy.

The waitstaff was no better.

Ordeing [sic] a soft drink from the unpleasant cafe person -tucked in a dark corned hidden undergrown [sic] – required several steps too. It turned out the the self-service is only partially so, she had to open our Coke bottles they weren’t twist-off…

Oh, no. And finally:

Why bother with timed tickets if the crowds are so huge that you can’t see the art anyway.

*Drops mic.*