Guy at the End of the Bar: Calvin Phun

The dashing 29-year-old realtor says Debbie Downers need not apply.

Calvin keeps it classy with a dirty martini at Knock.

What kind of guy are you looking for?
Someone who’s really healthy, who’s geared toward healthy living and a healthy lifestyle.

That sounds like code for “hot.”
True that.

Complete this phrase: Sex on the first date is …
Never. Well, maybe. I’m looking for someone to connect with. My roommate calls me a prude. Now, if I am looking for sex, that’s a different story.

So sometimes you’re just looking for sex.
That’s off the record. [laughs]

Tell me your turn-ons.
The guy has to have an edge. He has to make me laugh—that’s a big turn-on. And I think he has to speak freely. He needs to say what he really thinks, as opposed to what other people think.

Negative people, Debbie Downers, people who just blame people for whatever reason, and who are always going on about how awful the world is. I like hanging out with positive, outgoing people.

What’s a sure sign you’re having a terrible time on a date?
I play with my salt-and-pepper shakers.

What’s a sweet way to surprise you?
Slipping unexpected notes into my pockets.

Wow. That’s old-school.
I’m real old-school.

Pick one to describe yourself: Serial monogamist/hopeless romantic/dirty whore.
Hopeless romantic. Because I still think there’s a guy on a white horse somewhere.


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