Bieber Booed at Billboard Awards; Expresses Utter Disbelieb

Looks like the Justin Bieber backlash has finally gained critical mass:

In what was uncharted territory for the pop superstar – at industry award shows if not his concerts – Justin Bieber heard a chorus of boos as accepted the fan-voted milestone award at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

“I’m 19 years old,” he told the crowd in accepting the final award of the night. “I think I’m doing a pretty good job.”

Those in the crowd said the negative response to Bieber was even louder in the arena than it sounded on television.

“This is not a gimmick,” he went on to say, in what sounded like an agitated tone. “I’m an artist, and I should be taken seriously. This other bull should not be spoken of.”

Awwww, poor Justin. But, seriously, at least this harsh and oppressive experience didn’t make Bieber compare himself to Anne Frank. That would’ve been really embarrassing.