Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot: $360 Million

So: Expect pretty much every Wawa, 7-11, gas station, and newsstand in the city to be swamped today: Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is $360 million. That would big the third-biggest jackpot ever. ABC news reports:

The price of a Powerball ticket doubled in January 2012 from $1 a game to $2, which has accounted for the swelling jackpots more recently.

“The game changed about a year ago. The cost of a ticket went from a dollar to two dollars and now there are 44 states plus the District of Columbia. More people are playing, which makes it grow even quicker,” president and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery Corp. Rebecca Hargrove said.

This is normally the spot to point out that your chance of winning the lottery is somewhere below that of getting hit by a lightning bolt, but blah blah blah $360 MILLION DOLLARS. Yeah, I’m buying my tickets this afternoon. And if I win—because somebody has to, eventually, right?—well, don’t expect to see me at work tomorrow. I’ll be swimming in a pool with a giant paycheck.