Temple’s One of the Guys is Now an Award-Winning Web Series

Philadelphia's gay version of Friends is right up there with Anne Hathaway.

Episode 4 of one of my favorite local web series, One of the Guys, premiered on Tuesday night. This time around, the guys try to kill the stir-crazies with some board games, only to get caught up in real-life game of Clue. As always, funny-ness ensues. 

After you watch, be sure to stop by the group’s Facebook or Twitter pages to congratulate them on the five awards they just scored from Temple’s Department of Media Studies and Production, including first place accolades for Best Website, Best Video Editing and Best Script.

Congrats, guys. Keep up the good work! You can check out the newest episode of the now-award-winning web series by clicking the image above or here.

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