Tom Corbett Is Very, Very Unpopular

More news from that F&M poll we talked about earlier: Tom Corbett’s approval rating is low—very low: Only 25 percent of Pennsylvania voters believe the governor deserves re-election.

Philadelphia Business Journal analyzes the numbers:

Corbett’s difficulties with voters, F&M surmises, may be due in part from the priorities he has emphasized in recent months. Debate in the state capital has centered on efforts to privatize the state liquor stores and the state lottery, but the poll shows these issues rank well below the economy, creating jobs, or improving public schools as important issues voters want state government to address. Few voters gave Corbett’s job performance an an “A” or “B.”on the following business issues: improving the economy (15 percent), creating jobs (13 percent), or improving public education (11 percent).

One other nugget from the poll: Liquor privatization is also getting less popular. Serious question: Is this because Pennsylvanians are having second thoughts? Or is the Corbett stink so bad that it taints whatever he touches?