‘Old Scout’ Goes On Looooong Bike Ride to Protest Boy Scout’s Ban on Gays

Dave McGrath and his son Joe will ride 1,800 miles from Idaho to the American National Meeting in Irving, Texas.

Going on long treks in the name of freedom seems to be all the rage these days. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Oregon father who’s currently on a 5,000-mile hike around the country to end bullying, and today an “old” Eagle Scout and his soldier son left their homes in Idaho to travel to Texas to protest the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay members.

Dave McGrath and his son Joe, an army specialist who just returned from Kuwait, are biking 1,800 miles to the Boy Scouts of America National Meeting in Irving, Texas, where the BSA has announced they’ll discuss ending a ban on gay scouts but not gay leaders. On his blog, Old Scout’s Promise, Dave says, ““For 25 years I was silent on this issue but this old scout promises to be silent no more. I leave today with a purpose to see this shameful policy overturned and in support of a stronger Boy Scouts organization that is inclusive and accepting of all scouts and scoutmasters.”

The pair is pledging to approach the journey with the whole BSA “Be Prepared” mentality, riding 100 miles each day, carrying their own equipment and sleeping on the hard scrabble ground each night. Along the way, they will swing by supporting scout dens, gay-straight alliances and participate in a number of community events geared at putting a nix on the ban. Some folks, including an 80-year-old man from Snake River Landing, Idaho, will even join them for part of the way.

Warms your heart, right? You can check out his detailed route and check for updates on his blog.

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