Philly Police Say 10-Year-Old “Stickup Kid” Used Toy Gun

Yesterday, police released this video of what appeared to be a ten-year-old kid brazenly pointing a gun at the head of a young woman in North Philadelphia. 20 minutes later, a 14-year-old boy seems to have brandished it again, prompting a 911 call from the man he was aiming at. Skip to the 00:32 mark to observe the first incident.

Now police are reporting that was a toy gun (although they can’t seem to locate it). That would explain the relative calm of the two stick-up ‘victims’ in the video. Later on, the 14-year-old with the backup proceeds to ‘hold up’ a group of young boys. They too seem pretty relaxed. While it’s comforting to learn that a ten-year-old kid wasn’t actually handling a firearm, the fact that he was even doing it in jest is still plenty unnerving.