Philly May Bid On 2024 Olympics. Because We Have The Money, Apparently.

6ABC reports that Mayor Nutter has sent a letter to the United States Olympic Committee, expressing Philadelphia’s interest in hosting the 2024 Olympics. “The Philadelphia region has enthusiastically embraced the prospect of bidding on and hosting a future Olympic Games, and we look forward with great anticipation to the opportunity to work with the USOC on this project,” Mayor Nutter said in the letter.

And why not? Our school district is broke, currently. The city’s budget situation is such that it can only be discussed behind closed doors. And it’s not like hosting the Olympics is expensive or anything:

Cities that vie to host the Olympics know being chosen involves a big cash outlay to make the events happen in the grand fashion expected.

But just how much money is involved?

London, which is hosting the upcoming summer festivities, will drop a cool $40 million, but that still falls shy of the $43 million Beijing spent in 2008.

Did they say million? Read further in, and check other sources: They meant BILLION.

Hey, we all like Philly. We like being a success. But being a “world class city” generally involves solvency as a minimum condition. We’re not there yet.