Photographer Captures Heartbreaking Scenes of the Inquirer’s Old Offices

Photographer Will Steacy, whose father worked at the Inky for 29 years, has chronicled the paper’s recent struggles through a series of images documenting the months leading up to its move from its old headquarters on North Broad. In a series of photographs he released to Wired, Steacy manages at once to introduce us to the new, downsized-era of the Philadelphia newspaper, while hinting at the newsroom’s former self, its rumpled editors clacking away, surrounded by piles of newspapers. “The internet, for lack of a better metaphor, makes up the branches of the tree,” he told Wired. “But newspapers have centuries-long traditions of being the roots of the tree. If the roots of tree rot and crumble the rest of the tree will fall with it.” [Wired]