Dear Aspiring Rich People: ABC’s Shark Tank Is Holding Auditions In Philly

Shark Tank, in case you don’t spend your Friday nights watching ABC, is not a show in which contestants are dipped into a shark tank and must fight for their lives. It’s a show during which aspiring entrepreneurs beg Mark Cuban and a few other judges for start-up money. And unlike “American Idol” and the like, you don’t need that much talent to win big. Which means that even you, “Ill-Adelphia Is the Shit” t-shirt guy, has a shot.

On Saturday May 11th, Shark Tank will hold a casting call at Philly’s NextFab Studio. First 500 to show up get to make a one-to-two minute “elevator pitch” to one of five producers. It’s the only casting call in the Northeast, so get in line early to beat out all the carpetbaggers from South Jersey trying to sell their wine. There will also be a couple “training sessions” at NextFab, held April 30th and May 4th, from 5-8 p.m. Conversely, if you’d like a cautionary tale on what happens to people who audition for reality shows, head to Ritz at the Bourse to see the harrowing prize-winning Italian film “Reality.”