Allyson Schwartz Is Officially Running For Governor

Wonder if Gov. Tom Corbett is shaking in his books yet. The perennially low-polling governor now face a new change, in the firmer of Democrat Allyson Schwartz, who is leaving her seat in Congress to make the run. (Note to j fans: This would seem to make her Peter Russo in this scenario, except that Schwartz seems to actually have her ish together.)

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Schwartz characterized her campaign as one that, if successful, would “defy history.” She said that she’s running to offer a better alternative to Gov. Tom Corbett (R).

“He’s just missing in action most of the time,” Schwartz, of Montgomery County, said in an interview. She noted that the state’s unemployment rate has been well above the national average during Corbett’s term. “What I’m hearing from people around the state is that they know we need a fresh perspective about the economy and growth.”

Plenty of people lining up for her House seat. At least this non-presidential election year should be some fun, right?