Consumerist: Is Comcast America’s Worst Company?

Well, a loyal Philadelphian sure would hate to anger the city’s biggest and richest corporation! Hahaha! We love Comcast! Which is why we’re taking note of the fact that the popular blog Consumerist has Comcast pitted against a number of other big corporations in a March Madness-style “Worst Company In America” bracket—only because we disapprove of the contest and Comcast’s inclusion very, very much. And yes, Comcast smoked its first-round opponent, T-Mobile, with 89 percent of the vote—tied with Facebook for the second-highest ratio of hate votes received by any company in the bracket. That only proves that Americans are ungrateful for the blessings Comcast provides all of us! Right? Right?!?!?!? Please, Consumerist voters, don’t make Comcast angry. [Consumerist]

UPDATE: Actually we posted that right before voting ended at 3 p.m. ET. The results:

Fools! Don’t you know you can’t destroy Comcast! Why would you do this?