Some Fan of Tom Corbett’s Creates Anti-Bruce Castor Website

Republican Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor, who’s gearing up to Primary Tom Corbett, is being attacked by an anonymous new website that claims his fiscal conservatism is hooey. Tom Corbett’s not mentioned on the site from an election standpoint, but somebody must really like him to be doing this. (Or be him!) Presenting: CastorWatch.

Since launching his exploratory campaign for governor, Bruce Castor has parroted the talking points used by many fiscal conservative, Tea Party affiliated candidates. However, his record on tax and spending issues betray his often repeated statements.Despite railing against the policies and decisions of his fellow county commissioners, Castor ratified their spending by voting for a 17 percent property tax increase in December of 2011.

This, a guy, running to the right of Tom Corbett, who wants to, ahem: “cap annual spending” in “all levels of government”, eliminate property taxation, and become a right-to-work state, among other broadly popular goals. The site also calls him out for testifying on behalf of Vince Fumo. No word on whether has teamed up with the mind behind, which is still going strong.