Lenny Dykstra Is Grosser, More Racist, More Self-Destructive Than You Thought

It’s possible that former Philly celebs Lenny Dykstra and Buzz Bissinger decided this week to have a contest and decide whose amazing revelations would prove more buzzworthy and/or disturbing to the public. Buzz had his turn on Tuesday. What does Nails have for us?

His treatment of women was abhorrent. During a meeting with the female managing director of a financial firm, he responded to her questions about the company’s preferred partners by telling her how he had “impregnated three women in the same night and made them all get abortions.”

His attitude toward non-whites was no better. Behind their backs, baseball legend Willie Mays, a Player’s Club partner, was referred to as Dykstra’s “field n – – – er”; Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods were “darkies”; and when he instructed Frankie to write an article about the “baboons,” he meant tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams.

Oh dear. Well, at least he’s not super-gross, right?

[His] idea of fun was to “leave a large amount of feces in the toilet . . . so he could hear the shrieks of the hotel’s grossed-out maids”

More details, if you want them, can be found in the new book, Nailed!: The Improbable Rise and Spectacular Fall of Lenny Dykstra. And yeah, we’re more than a little terrified at how Bissinger might decide to one-up Dykstra.