Clownfest Moves From Jersey to Amish Country

Newsworks reports:

This is no joke: The annual clown convention that has called New Jersey home for nearly a quarter of a century is taking its red noses, floppy shoes and baggy pants to Pennsylvania.

Finances forced Clownfest to move from Seaside Heights to Lancaster, Pa., during the third weekend in September.

Organizer Vincent “Vappo the Clown” Pagliano tells The Star-Ledger of Newark people are “pinging” him in the head. But he says the move dramatically cuts expenses.

Seems like there’s definitely a movie to be made, sometime around 1989, about a hardbitten New Jersey clown who takes refuge among the good Amish people of Lancaster—something like Witness meets Shakes the Clown. (Or maybe we can just hope to run into this guy.) Make it happen, Hollywood.