Comcast Is America’s Second-Biggest Advertiser (And That Doesn’t Include The Mailers)

The Inky reports today: “The New York research firm Kantar Media says Comcast uncorked $1.7 billion in ads on consumers in 2012. Procter & Gamble, whose brands include Tampax, Pantene, Pampers, and Duracell, spent $2.8 billion. No. 3 was General Motors with $1.6 billion.”

Get this: That advertising number doesn’t even includes the incredible sum of money Comcast must pay to send you dozens of mailers every month, attempting to persuade you to purchase services from Comcast and Xfiniti thaty you’ve been buying from for months or even years. The reason that number isn’t included is because “infinity” is, technically, too high to count.