Highway Robbery: A.G. Charges 8 with Corruption

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has charged eight with orchestrating a pay-to-blame scheme in which they would award contracts to friendly donors. The accused include former state senator and Democratic minority leader Robert Mellow, in addition to seven former and current PA turnpike officials and employees.

Kane said a grand jury found that private Turnpike vendors and consultants who made substantial contributions to public officials and political organizations were rewarded with multi-million dollar Turnpike contracts. The grand jury also found substantial evidence that Mellow, while serving as Democratic floor leader, directed his chief of staff to secure Turnpike contracts for key contributors and supporters, Kane said.

Besides, Mellow, who’s already in jail for unrelated charges, the state has charged three former Turnpike officials: Commissioner Mitchell Rubin, CEO Joseph Brimmeier, and COO George Hatalowich. [ABC Harrisburg]