John Kerry Uses “Weird Al” Defense of American Rights, Stupidity

New Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday offered what we can only call the “Weird Al” Theory of American Civil Liberties. Speaking to a group of German students, Kerry contemplated what American freedom of expression really involves:

“People have sometimes wondered about why our Supreme Court allows one group or another to march in a parade even though it’s the most provocative thing in the world and they carry signs that are an insult to one group or another,” he added.

“The reason is, that’s freedom, freedom of speech. In America you have a right to be stupid – if you want to be,” he said, prompting laughter. “And you have a right to be disconnected to somebody else if you want to be.

“And we tolerate it. We somehow make it through that. Now, I think that’s a virtue. I think that’s something worth fighting for,” he added. “The important thing is to have the tolerance to say, you know, you can have a different point of view.”

Inspiring words! Which I’m pretty sure originated in the wisdom of our Greatest Founding Father: