John Bolaris Now a Dating Columnist for Metro

Even he understands the deep, troubling irony surrounding this development. John Bolaris–freelance, pro-bono, weather-tweeter–not only has a failed marriage and a serial dating history, but a South Florida mob/prostitute/artwork bender to end all benders permanently attached to his legacy. Here’s what he wrote in his introduction to his inaugural dating advice column:

I was always looking for that someone so special. You know, “This is the one, I just know it” and then three weeks later you’re downing a few cocktails with buddies and thinking, “What was I thinking?”

So, who’s first up? Well, one woman writes that she is “tired of dating a man child.” Ding! You sure found the write columnist. JoBo’s reply, in part:

It seems like your man child might not be ready to truly commit at this time. Don’t be so available — let him think he might actually lose you, because I believe he actually will. It’s on both of you to save this. Stay strong!

Is he going to end every column with “stay strong?” We’re looking for tough love, not a shoulder to cry on. [Metro]