Nutter and DC 33 Disagree on Whether They’re Still Negotiating With One Another

A couple weeks ago, Mayor Nutter issued a vague but threatening ultimatum that if no contract deal between the city and DC 33, the city’s blue-collar union, was reached, he would go ahead and take some sort of action himself. Well, yesterday night, Nutter’s deadline passed without a deal. Or did it?

“We stick by our final offer,” said Shannon Farmer, the city’s chief negotiator. “They rejected it, and there’s really nothing more that’s being said to tonight.”

Meanwhile, DC 33 President Pete Matthews interpreted things a little differently. “We’re still negotiating; nothing has been decided tonight,” he said. “We asked for more information. The city left, and we believe that they will come back with that information to continue to negotiate.”

As if you needed another reminder of just how far apart the two sides are. [Inquirer]