The State of Pennsylvania Is Coming for Your Fake IDs

As if it weren’t hard enough for college students to get their hands on liquor in this state, a PA state lawmaker (guess which party?) has proposed legislation that would require bars and liquor stores to confiscate fake IDs from underage drinkers after running them under an electronic scanner. Then, within 48 hours, the establishment would have to turn the ID over to the state, giving the state a hefty file of older siblings, older fraternity brothers, and older fake human beings. The news was broken, no surprise here, by the Daily Pennsylvanian.

In keeping with the casual lawbreaking that 0% of college students think of as criminal activity, nobody on campus seems too upset about the proposed law. “My ID scans so [the new legislation] probably wouldn’t affect me,” said a college junior. “I’ve never had problems getting into bars in West Philly,” said a sophomore who said he wouldn’t let the new law affect his drinking habits. Bouncers and bartenders at Blarney Stone and Cavanaugh’s also said they wouldn’t change their business practices. [Daily Pennsylvanian]