Watch This Tonight: Philadelphia History on 6ABC

Tune in tonight for the latest from Philly’s own Ken Burns — former-mayoral-contender-turned-filmmaker Sam Katz. At 7:30 p.m. 6ABC will air the latest installment of Katz’s multi-part history of the city, “Philadelphia: The Great Experiment.” The new episode — entitled “Promise for a Better City”– covers the period from 1944 to 1964. It focuses on city planner Ed Bacon and the creation of Society Hill, the reform efforts of Dilworth and Clark, racial unrest, and the collapse of the 1964 Phillies. The episode ends — cue the foreboding music — with the early rise of Frank Rizzo. Great characters, drama, intrigue, heartache–it’s like “Downton Abbey” without the accents. [Philadelphia: The Great Experiment]