Yuengling Cracks Best-Selling Beer List

The first lesson I was given upon moving to Philadelphia was this: If you go into a bar and want to get a Yuengling—the local brew of choice—just ask for a “lager.” The bartender will know what you mean, I was told, and you’ll not look like quite the outsider.

Turns out, though, that Yuengling is getting to be the beer of choice in more places than just its hometown: In 2012, it cracked the list of 20 best-selling beers in the United States, thanks in part to an aggressive move into markets in Ohio.

Better yet? The news comes about the same time it emerges that Yuengling has surpassed Sam Adams as the nation’s largest domestically owned beer brewer. We’re No. 1! Which means that sometime soon, I should be able to walk into a bar in Kansas City and ask for a lager—and get the right beer in return. [Philly Business Journal]