WSJ: Silver Linings’ Jacki Weaver Nails Philly Accent

After Australian “Silver Linings Playbook” actress Jacki Weaver was nominated for an Oscar this week (she plays Bradley Cooper’s mom), she was interviewed by the a Wall Street Journal writer from Philly, who lauded her accent off the bat:

As a Philadelphian myself, I have to say your Philadelphia accent was spot on. How did you prepare for the role?

Thank you so much. I did quite a bit of research.  I’ve played a lot of New Yorkers on stage in the past. I know that Philadelphians hate New York actors passing off New York accents as Philadelphian when they are quite different.

The Philadelphia accent is unique. I did have a dialect coach for a little while. She was very encouraging, and said that I had it very quickly. But I also sat around in bars for a while listening to people, which wasn’t a problem at all for me [laughs]. I went to a lot of different shops. I walked around the park a lot talking to strangers. That all was helpful.

Of course, Bradley Cooper is a Philadelphian. It was great to hear him…Then his real mother came on the set and she’s tiny, my size. Listening to her as well was helpful since she is a Philadelphian, born and bred and dyed in the wool.

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