VIDEO UPDATE: It’s Official: Booker Running for Senate in ’14

You really thought Cory Booker was going to end his bromance with Chris Christie? Instead of running against him in next year’s gubernatorial race, Booker’s shooting for Washington instead, where he can keep scratching Christie’s back, and vice versa. No word on whether 88-year-old incumbent Frank Lautenberg will step down, or accept Booker’s Democratic primary challenge. Booker, whle probably eager to keep making joke YouTube videos with the Governor, may also have been swayed by a recent poll that found him trailing Christie 50%-36%. Though something of a surprise, the move makes a certain amount of sense. Given his national profile and ambitions, it’s easy to see why Booker didn’t want to be living in Trenton into his late 40s (he’s 43 now). And Christie, coming off his impressive post-Hurricane Sandy performance, has never been more popular. [Star-Ledger]

UPDATE 12:50 pm: Cory Booker has released a kinda campaign video announcing his intention to “explore” (prepare for) a Senate run, and to “consult” (challenge) incumbent Frank Lautenberg. The video is mostly a love letter to Newark, which he seems to feel quite guilty about leaving behind.