A Fierce New T-Shirt Line

Trophy Pony pays homage to Paris is Burning



Courtesy of Trophy Pony

Paris is Burning brought us all up close and personal to the outrageous drag ball culture when it hit the scene in the 1990s. Now, a new T-shirt line is paying tribute to Jennie Livingston’s classic documentary.

Trophy Pony has introduced new tanks and tees sporting some of the most famous lines from the film, like “First Time in Drags at a Ball,” and other creative takes on the people and places that made the film so great.

The Dorian Corey shirt, for instance, pays tribute to the late drag star with an Egyptian-themed King Tut graphic. In case you’re wondering, legend has it that Corey shot and killed an intruder – and mummified his remains!

It’s just one of many shocking stories from nightclub culture (hello, Michael Alig). And now you can wear it.

Okay, so it may not be the most tasteful line of fashions, but these and other Trophy Pony tops are ideal for the club kid in your life who’ll inevitably be getting his jollies at Voyeur again this year.