Chefs Want Gender-Neutral Easy Bake Ovens

Hasbro, are you listening?

A few famous foodies are hoping to help persuade Hasbro to manufacture a new gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven in a new video series. For years now, the kitschy toy has been on the wish lists of kids everywhere. But these little helpers only ever seem to come in two colors: purple and pink.

But some famous chefs from television and well-known restaurants around the country are asking the toy company to consider making an Easy Bake Oven that appeals to everyone – not just girls. It all started when a 13-year-old girl named McKenna Pope created an online petition after she tried buying one of these ovens for her four-year-old brother. The brother doesn’t dig pastels, which started a bit of a firestorm over how certain toys are marketed to kids.

Check it out: