VIDEO: John Bolaris on Dr. Phil Show

Former Philadelphia meteorologist John Bolaris will appear on Dr. Phil today at 4 p.m. to talk about his drugged ordeal in Miami. Below, a preview of the show, which includes some of that priceless Dr. Phil humor, such as: “The weatherman’s memory is partly cloudy.” According to this summation of the episode, we can expect to hear about his Playboy Playmate-fiancee’s sexy tweets as well as the “headline he says further humiliated him”, which we’re pretty sure is this. Check back here starting at 4 p.m. for updates on John Bolaris’ appearance on Dr. Phil.

4:00 pm – So that you don’t have to sit through the show, I’ll be updating you here.

4:03 pm – Bolaris recounts his Miami experience via two montages that feature lots of shaky “drugged” video. “I don’t remember leaving the bar. I don’t remember taking a cab back to the hotel… I had a headache and my stomach felt queasy… My first alarm bell was when I got a call from American Express… I was drugged. There is no question in my mind.”

4:07 pm – “I woke up in the morning with red wine on my shirt.”

4:09 pm – Before going to commercial, Dr. Phil teases the next segment, which will include Bolaris’ fiancee (a former Playboy model) and her sexy tweets. Is this really what daytime TV is all about? Glad I have a job.

4:12 pm – Bolaris talks about the Fed’s sting operation. “There were 88 other victims,” he notes.

4:13 pm – “I was not supposed to speak to the press,” Bolaris admits. “I was on the cover of the Daily News in a Hawaiian shirt… I was upset… Then when the Playboy article came out, the hammer came down… Never imagined an innocent night at the bar would cause me to lose my job, my dignity, tens of thousands of dollars…”

4:15 pm – “You were the victim of a very elaborate crime ring,” says Dr. Phil, who questions why Bolaris was fired when he was the victim. “I made a mistake by speaking to Playboy,” concedes Bolaris. Dr. Phil reached out to Playboy for comment. Their reply: the article speaks for itself.

4:17 pm – Dr. Phil introduces Bolaris’ girlfriend. “I start tweeting very innocently,” she says. “I thought it was going to be harmless.” Bolaris points out that “accidentally” posted a topless photo of her in their coverage of her tweeting.

4:19 pm – Before going to commercial, Dr. Phil says that he wants to give Bolaris a chance to respond to a “headline” that had Bolaris so upset that he was almost unable to testify in the Miami case.

4:22 pm – “I would love to have my name and reputation back,” says Bolaris. “It didn’t happen,” he said in reference to the defecation story. He uses a bad word and gets bleeped by Dr. Phil’s staff.

4:24 pm – “You have gotten an incredibly raw deal,” says Dr. Phil. “I know you are a good father, and I hope somebody steps up to give you another chance in the arena.”

That’s all, folks. But we’re sure that’s not the end of the story. After all, this is John Bolaris.