Fascinating Historical Hybrid Photos of Philadelphia Merge Old With New

Artist Eric Nagy's unique before-and-after concept.

We’ve been pretty enamored with the historical images of Philadelphia coming out of PhillyHistory.org and the Old Images of Philadelphia Facebook page. But now local graphic designer and photographer Eric Nagy has upped the ante with these fascinating “hybrid photos” of Philadelphia.

“I have a passion for Philadelphia history and historic photographs of the city,” says Nagy, a 39-year-old University of the Arts graduate. “I decided to retrace the steps of the original photographers, take my own shots and digitally merge them to create my take on the before-and-after concept.” Nagy uses a simple point-and-click digital camera as well as his iPhone 5 to take the new photos and Photoshop to blend the shots. He’s selling prints starting at $22. Below, a sampling. And yes, those are sheep on Broad Street.

South Broad Street Sheep

Boat House Row

Penn Square

Market Street in Old City

Logan Square Flappers

Danger Steam Roller Work (2nd and Lombard)


Broad Street Water Pipe