John Bolaris: Should Be “Big Warning Attached” to Social Media

In his most recent Philly Metro column, titled “John Bolaris: Media darling, then social media mess,” former Philly weatherman John Bolaris writes about cream puffs, the best advice he got from his dad (about cream puffs), and the dangers of Twitter:

There should be a big warning attached to the use of social media: “The use and abuse of this hotline to the world could be dangerous to one’s mental health, well being, and in some cases lead to meltdowns, self destruction, lawsuits, loss of employment and the overall quality of life.”

Yes, Bolaris’ regular Metro column is working out much better than his often tortured Twitter use (READ: “John Bolaris Is in a Glass Case of Emotion“). At least his fiancee can’t highjack the space and threaten to show us nude pics.