John Bolaris Testifies in Miami: “I Don’t Like Champagne”

Today, former Philadelphia weatherman John Bolaris took the stand in Miami to testify about his woeful weekend in South Beach in 2010, when he was allegedly drugged and bilked out of more than $43,000 in champagne and caviar Amex charges by a pair of Latvian women and their supposed conspirators. Earlier this month, one of the two women took the stand, revealing rather unpleasant details involving Bolaris’ bodily functions. But today, it was Bolaris’ turn.

Miami Herald courts reporter Jay Weaver was in the courtroom today, and filed this report about Bolaris’ testimony. Some highlights:

Bolaris, whose new fiancee was sitting in the back of the courtroom, said he didn’t remember ordering the champagne or signing the credit card slips, suggesting the B-girls drugged him and forged his signature. “I don’t like champagne,” he testified.

“The next thing I know, I was being slapped by one of the girls to wake up and she was asking me if I was okay,” testified Bolaris, who successfully sued American Express over the bar charges. “I had no clue… I’m embarrassed about falling for it.”

Bolaris, 55, was asked whether the B-girls suggested they go to his room at the Fontainebleau Hotel for a “threesome.” “No, sir,” Bolaris told defense attorney Roderick Vereen. “In my right state of mind, I would not do that.” Vereen shot back: “What about in your intoxicated state of mind?”

During his testimony, federal prosecutor Richard Gregorie asked Bolaris if at that point he had the impression they were “hookers.” He emphatically said, “No.” Gregorie further asked if he went to the Delano looking to have sex. He said he went there for sushi, “not for sex.”

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